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Ratch Australia

We're one of the largest owners and operators of renewable and thermal energy generation assets in the Australian market.

RATCH-Australia was founded in 2011 and currently owns and manages nine energy generation assets around Australia. All of these assets are renewable energy assets or gas-fired power stations that provide stability to the renewable energy market. 

RATCH-Australia is part of the RATCH Group that was founded in March 2000 and aims to become a leading value-orientated energy and infrastructure company in the Asia Pacific region. 

The RATCH Group owns power generation assets in Thailand, China, Indonesia and Laos, with further capacity under construction or in development throughout South-East Asia.

Our Vision

Continue to grow as a leading independent power producer in Australia whilst caring for our community and the environment.

Our Mission

Invest in, develop and own a diversified portfolio of high quality power assets in Australia.

Ratch Australia

Our Values


Be entrepreneurial and commit to integrity


Boost agility and encourage innovation


Excel at synergy and collaboration, strengthen partnerships

Ratch Australia

Board of Directors

Choosri Kietkajornkul
Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, RATCH Group
Wadeerat Charoencoop
Chief Financial Officer, RATCH Group
Thana Boonyasirikul
Chief Asset Management Officer, RATCH Group
Thikhumporn Daorote
Executive Vice President - Power Business - International
Mitzi Gilligan
Non-Executive Director
Sahachthorn Putthong
Chief Executive Officer, RATCH-Australia Corporation
Ratch Australia

Leadership Team

Sahachthorn Putthong
Chief Executive Officer
Simon Greenacre
Executive General Manager – Legal, Governance and Commercial Strategy
James Lee
Executive General Manager, Assets and Operations
Greg Meredith
Chief Financial Officer
Patricia Clifford
General Manager - Human Resources and Corporate Administration
Hugh Sangster
General Manager - Commercial Development
Neil Weston
General Manager - Project Development