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Springlands Wind Farm

Assessing the Potential

RATCH-Australia is assessing the potential for establishing a wind farm of up to 120 wind turbines within the Springlands Wind Farm site located just east of Collinsville in Queensland. Initial studies have indicated that wind speeds across the hills are suitable for harnessing this renewable energy source and that there is sufficient capacity to connect into the local transmission network.

It is estimated that the wind farm will be up to 800MW in capacity. The proposed project represents a potential investment in excess of $1billion in the local region, and will be able to supply electricity equivalent to the needs of approximately 200,000 Queensland homes.

We are in early stages of consultation and planning and will be liaising with local residents and stakeholders over the coming year to gather their thoughts on the project.

Project Updates

In November 2023, RAC finalised the installation of two meteorological masts. These masts enable the accurate collection of wind data to further assess the potential of Springlands Wind Farm.

We regularly publish newsletters to let the community know about upcoming works and progress on the Springlands Wind Farm. You can download the latest newsletter here for more information about the project

Potential wind capacity
< 0 MW
Potential regional investment
$ 0 M+
Equivalent homes powered
Equivalent cars off the road
Jobs during construction
Maintenance jobs
10- 0
Springlands Wind Farm

Location & Design

We have done some preliminary studies on the Springlands Wind Farm site and have created a potential design that indicates where the wind turbines generators could go. 

We have a lot of studies to undertake to make sure that these are the best positions for the wind turbines but in the meantime if you have any feedback on the design please let us know.

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Springlands Wind Farm


Once the detailed design of the wind farm has been completed and it has been approved by the State and Federal authorities, there will be the opportunity for local contractors and residents to apply for job opportunities and short term contracts. Approximately 300 jobs will be created during peak construction.

RATCH-Australia always prefers to use local expertise where possible and there will be opportunities in:

  • Civil engineering
  • Fencing supply and installation
  • Labouring
  • Electrical
  • Haulage
  • Safety
  • Landscaping
  • Catering
  • Accommodation

The project will also require maintenance throughout its anticipated 30 year operating life which will generate full time jobs in the community.

To help us understand the ranges of services that could be sourced in the local area, local contractors and suppliers are encouraged and always welcome to get in touch and register their interest with us by emailing: enquiries@ratchaustralia.com.au. We will also be holding a drop in session prior to construction for local business and residents to register for employment or contract opportunities on the Springlands Wind Farm project.
Springlands Wind Farm

Community Benefit Program

RATCH-Australia has pledged our long-term support for the well-being of the local communities that hosts our projects via a Community Benefit Program. 

The program will involve an annual funding commitment from the project that will be used to support local non-profits and community led projects that create long lasting social, environmental, and economic benefits for the Collinsville and Scottville towns. 

Details about the program will be available at a subsequent stage as the project progresses towards construction and delivery after consultation with the local residents.

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Springlands Wind Farm

Community Newsletters

Newsletter – September 2023
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Newsletter – March 2023
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Newsletter – November 2022
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Artist's impression of Springlands Wind Farm

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