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Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

A key element of the RATCH Group’s mission is to be socially and environmentally responsible, conducting business in a fair and sustainable manner and complying with all related laws and regulations.

RATCH-Australia operations and practices are aligned with these objectives.

The way RATCH-Australia operates is guided by robust corporate governance, which ensures that the company complies with all relevant Federal, State and local legislation.


Green Impact Report

RATCH-Australia Corporation measure and report on the environmental impacts of our investments and activities with transparency (“Green Impact”).

We’re focused on delivering projects and initiatives aligned to the RATCH Group long-term strategy and in accordance with the Sustainability Strategies to grow economic value and benefit society and the environment.

Our green investment strategy, policy and frameworks informs how we assess, monitor and report the Green Impact of all our projects.

Green Impact Reporting Framework

Our Green Financing Framework sets out how we calculate the Green Impact of our investments and activities, which we report on annually.




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