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Total MW No. Turbines Where Fuel Type
244 1 20km South of Townsville QLD Coal-seam gas; natural gas
Turbine type Turbine size Built (when) Built by
Siemens Combined Cycle Gas Turbine 160MW (1999) / 84MW (2005) 1999/
Upgrade 2005
Siemens. Maintained/Operated by TW Power Services

Asset Overview

Townsville Power Station is operated as a base loading plant providing input to the Queensland electricity system. RATCH-Australia completed a $115 million redevelopment of the power station in 2005. The expansion increased the size of the power station to 244 MW capacity.

With its clean coal seam methane fuel and combined cycle configuration, Townsville Power Station prevents more than a million tonnes of carbon dioxide from emission into the atmosphere every year as the power it generates displaces generation by less efficient coal fired power stations elsewhere.

It is independently estimated that Townsville has a remaining life of 19yrs, with a 2034 asset end.


Townsville Power Station is located 20km to the north of Townsville, Queensland and is wholly owned by the RATCH-Australia.