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Increased Regional Resilience and Revenue
Having a project like Mt Emerald Wind Farm in this area will result in significantly increased regional revenue coming into and staying within the local and regional community.

The following information has been collected and reported by consultants SKM in relation to Hallett Wind Farms in South Australia.  The table uses the Hallett data as a basis an estimate the Mount Emerald project economic impacts.

Regional Expenditure takes the form of:
Accommodation, meals and spending: estimated at $ 66.8 million direct and $44.3 million indirect per year during construction                                

  • Accommodation for construction crews
  • Accommodation for the 15 full time workers – ongoing for at least 25yrs. 
  • Regulatory fees and charges

This project will pay:

  • ongoing rates and fees to Mareeba Shire Council – which will support the provision of resources and assets for the entire community
  • ongoing fees to government departments for permissions to operate and undertake activities
  • ongoing fees to the electricity industry to assure access to the transmission grid

All of these fees will add to the revenue stream and therefore the economic viability of each organisation. 

This guaranteed large income stream will particularly aid Mareeba Shire Council to strategically plan for the construction, upgrade and ongoing operations of essential regional community facilities like   water treatment plants; roads; sporting fields and waste treatment facilities, whilst minimising the amount that they need to borrow to construct and operate them.

  • Land lease payments

At Ravenshoe and other wind farms on private land, landholders who have turbines on their land receive a percentage of the output of their turbines.   Mt Emerald Wind Farm will be entirely on the site owned by Port Bajool.

Payments may be paid to other landholders for access and for the placement of support infrastructure for the project.  These will be confidentially negotiated as the project progresses.

  • In addition, a number of jobs are likely to be created.  For more information in this see, Jobs
  • Technical services – engineering, maintenance, consultancy

Engineering, Maintenance and Consultancy Services will be required during construction and operation.

  • Ancillary services – cleaning, general maintenance, weed and pest control

All businesses require ongoing cleaning, and maintenance services.  These will be sourced from local providers.