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Construction Jobs 150 – 260

  1. A construction crew of between 150-260 will be needed to build Mt Emerald Wind Farm. These construction workers will require accommodation, food and local services for approximately two years.

    The construction crew will comprise, at a minimum, RATCH staff including local, national and international experts; truck and crane operators; concreters; road construction crews; mechanical and electrical engineers; site supervisors, safety and environmental officers; specialist and general electrical technicians; and mechanical technical staff.

Full Time Permanent Jobs

Following construction there will be 15 full time positions for at least 25 years. These positions will be held by local residents who will up-skill to be part of the team, or new residents who will require housing, jobs for their families, access to schools and support mechanisms, places to shop and enjoy recreational activities.

  1. Technical services – engineering, maintenance, consultancy

Engineering, Maintenance and Consultancy Services will be required during construction and operation. Where these services are available locally they will be sourced where possible.  Local expertise has been provided to undertake research and put together the environmental and planning approvals information required.  Local consulting firm RPS collated the Environmental Impact Statement using local scientists, consultants and engineers to ensure information is local and relevant to the project.  Opportunities will exist for other companies who can provide on-site ongoing engineering and maintenance services to the project.  

  1. Ancillary services – cleaning, general maintenance, weed and pest control

All businesses require ongoing cleaning, and maintenance services.  These will be sourced from local providers. 
Wind turbine blades require regular cleaning to maintain the efficiency of blade movement through the air.  Towers are usually cleaned annually to minimise their visual impact.

One of the opportunities around a wind farm is the provision of services to control weeds and feral pests.  This is to reduce the risk of fire; reduce the risk of introduction of weeds to adjoining properties and to ensure there is no provision of habitat for feral animals.  On wind farms, this is particularly important to ensure that feral animals do not provide a food source for predatory birds who may be attracted to the site and risk being hit by blades.