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Approval Conditions are imposed when a project is approved by the ‘regulatory Authority’.  A regulatory authority is usually the local council, however State and Federal government agencies may impose conditions too as part of their approval.

These usually relate to requirements for construction or how the site will operate or look; and/or what ongoing monitoring and reporting is required to ensure that the commitments made to protect the community and the natural and cultural values of the site are maintained.

The proposed Mt Emerald Wind Farm received EPBC Approval from the Federal Government on 27th Nov, 2015.

On 27th Nov, 2015, the Mt Emerald Wind Farm project received EPBC Approval from the Federal Government The approval allows construction and operation of up to 63 wind turbine generators and their support infrastructure, and includes a series of conditions attached to the consent. The full determination can be found in full here:

- DA Approval Conditions