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Total MW No. Turbines Where Fuel Type
300 2 17km NE of Bunbury (140km South of Perth) WA Natural gas; oil
Turbine type Turbine size Built (when) Built by
Siemens Open Cycle Gas Turbine 2 * 155MW 2005/
Update: 2008
Siemens. Maintained/Operated by TW Power Services

Asset Overview

Kemerton Power Station operates as a peaking plant and provides input into the SWIS in Western Australia. The power station comprises two open cycle gas turbines. It was developed by RATCH-Australia and commenced operation in November 2005.

In June 2008, RATCH-Australia completed a 40MW upgrade to Kemerton Power Station, increasing its capacity to 300MW. The upgrade has made the power station more efficient and improved its environmental rating by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while providing power for an additional 10,000 households.

It is independently estimated that Kemerton has a remaining life of 25yrs, with a 2040 asset end.


Kemerton Power Station is 100 per cent wholly owned by RATCH-Australia and is maintained and operated by TW Power Services.

In 2016 as part of improving system security in Western Australia, AEMO called for requests for proposal to provide system restart services (Black Start) within the Southwest In-connected System (SWIS) for a 10 year period. 

 Black Start

RATCH Australia together with its Power Purchase Agreement counterparty Synergy, lodged a formal proposal with AEMO that was accepted in October 2017. The core element of the proposal was to install 4 x 1.25MW diesel generators that, in the event of a complete black out in the SWIS could be used to independently start one of the 2 existing 150MW gas turbine generators at Kemerton. Once started these generators will then be used to energise the transmission system, which would then be used to restart other major power stations such as Muja, Pinjarra and Collie and restabilise the grid.

The project was completed in October 2018 with the formal hand over of the Black Start capability to AEMO on 22nd October 2018, ensuring ongoing stability for the SWIS and Western Australian residents.