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Please see the stand alone Collinsville Solar PV site for more information.

About Collinsville Solar PV Project

The Collinsville Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Project is located near Collinsville in central Queensland. The project is a brownfield project, to be constructed on land surrounding the decommissioned Collinsville coal-fired power station owned by Ratch. The project will consist of approximately 180,000 individual solar PV panels and have a generation capacity of 42.5 megawatts. It will produce enough electricity each year to power up to 15,000 homes.

Alinta Energy will purchase electricity and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) generated by the farm through to the end of 2030.

The site is an ideal location for a solar development given its high quality solar resource, close proximity to existing electrical infrastructure, and minimal environmental impacts likely during construction die to the site’s historic use as an energy precinct.

The project will take one year to construct and involve the building of access tracks, expansion of the substation, and installation of solar panels on mounting structures across the site. The project is designed to produce electricity for up to 30 years.

Ratch supports a local procurement policy and will promote participation from local, regional and Australian suppliers wherever possible. The project will have a peak construction workforce of 120 and employ two permanent staff once complete. These construction workers and their families will require accommodation, food and local services for 12 months. Up to 20 staff will be required every six months to clean the solar panels.

The Collinsville Solar PV Project will make a positive economic contribution to local, regional and national economies. Local communities and businesses will become stronger and more resilient as part of our $100 million investment in the project which will create new jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers, and grow the order books of companies in the region. The establishment of a new local industry will also promote skills and diversification of the local workforce.

Construction is expected to start before the end of June, when contracting and employment opportunities will be announced.


Collinsville Power Station is located 90km south-west of Bowen and 4km west of Collinsville, Queensland. It is wholly owned by RATCH-Australia.

Work Opportunities at the Development Sites

If you are interested in providing contract services at one of the development sites, please register your details at the Contact Page.

Contact Information

For all enquiries about the Collinsville Energy Park, please contact:

Gareth Quinn
Stakeholder Manager – Collinsville Solar PV
(+61) 417 711 108