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The Collector Wind Farm project received development approval from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (under delegated authority from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure) on 3 December 2013. The approval allows construction and operation of up to 55 wind turbine generators, and includes a series of conditions attached to the consent.

The Planning Assessment Commissions's determination can be found in full here:


The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure's assessment of the proposal and its recommendations can be found in full here:

These documents can all be found below:

PAC Assesment
Signed Collector Report PDFicon 328 Kb Download
Signed Collector Instrument of Approval PDFicon 432 Kb Download
Attached 1 Revised Statement of Conditions PDFicon 890 Kb Download
Department of Planning and Infrastructure Assessment
Collector Wind Farm DG Assessment Report Recommendation to PAC PDFicon 6.77 Mb Download
Appendix D_ Collector Windfarm Visual Peer Review 10 May 2013 PDFicon 3.64 Mb Download
Appendix D_ Collector Wind Farm Noise Review Report 24 June 2013 PDFicon 455 Kb Download
Appendix E_ Collector Wind Farm LVIA Addedum A 19 June 2013 PDFicon 7.31 Mb Download
Appendix H_ Collector Wind Farm Recommended Conditions of Approval PDFicon 170 Kb Download