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Total MW No. Turbines Where Fuel Type
119 3 Kwinana, WA Natural gas/ waste heat
Turbine type Turbine size Built (when) Built by
GE Combined Cycle Gas Turbine 2x 39.5MW  and 1x 40MW 1998 Black and Veatch/ International Power Australia

Asset Overview

BP Kwinana Power Station has a 119MW capacity and is located at BP's Kwinana refinery in Kwinana, Western Australia, approximately 45km south of Perth.

Kwinana provides electrical output to the SWIS in Western Australia and provides electrical output and steam to the BP refinery. BP Kwinana began operation in December 1996.

BP Kwinana is a gas-fired cogeneration facility which consists of two gas and steam turbine driven generations producing up to 118MW of electrical output, and heat recovery steam generators producing up to 2,800 tonnes per day of process steam.

As a cogeneration plant that burns natural gas and refinery gas to produce electricity and steam for the adjacent refinery, BP Kwinana has a significantly low carbon signature.

It is estimated that BP Kwinana has a remaining economic life of approximately 16 years based on an original equipment design life of 30 years and the equipment being installed in 1996.


BP Kwinana Cogeneration Plant is 30 per cent owned by RATCH-Australia.