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The Company’s mission is guided by our economic, social and environmental responsibility to uphold good governance. Aside from full respect and compliance to laws, we adhere to business ethics in all activities involving stakeholders which encompass anti-corruption, human rights, and fair competition whilst building up community trust.

Behaviour in this way assures our Social Licence to Operate.
A ‘Social Licence’ to operate is the level of acceptance that a community and other stakeholders provide for a particular development.  RATCH-Australia aims to use the IMS to meet its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, and ensure its Social Licence to Operate by:

  • Being a ‘good neighbour’ by welcoming people and working with all levels of  Government
  • Promoting community development and sustainable quality of life by ensuring our Suppliers paid and local purchases are made
  • Promoting conservation and protection of local traditions by ensuring  Indigenous cultural heritage is respected and protected and encouraging indigenous involvement in local projects
  • Enhancing social equity and productivity by  ensuring our community’s and Staff  are engaged
  • Preservation and restoration of environmental quality for balance of nature and life.

This is defined in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Corporate Social Responsibility, according to the definition in ISO26000, is “an organisation’s performance in relation to the society in which it operates and to its impact on the environment has become a critical part of measuring its overall performance and its ability to continue operating effectively. This is, in part, a reflection of the growing recognition of the need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good organisational governance. The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.” 

RATCH-Australia implements its vision and mission through a very comprehensive ISO compliant quality, safety and environmental protection culture which we call our Integrated Management System.  All of the company’s policies and procedures relating to Quality, Safety and Environment are included in the system scope.  They are mandatory and apply to all sites across Corporate, Business Development and Operational activities.
Key ways Ratch-AUSTRALIA engages with the community are through its Community Engagement meetings, during the approval process for Business Development Projects and as ongoing Community Consultative Committees for operating sites.

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