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RATCH-Australia Wind Farms will provide many opportunities for the local communities in which they work through employment, tourism and support of local businesses. They will establish a Community Benefit Fund to provide further benefits from the wind farm to the wider local community.

The Community Benefit Fund (the Fund) is intended to support projects or initiatives that will benefit the local community and will be managed through a special purpose Community Trust in each community in which the Farm operates. The Trust would be managed by a Committee comprising a range of community representatives and would have control over administration of the Fund, according to a Committee Code of Conduct. The committee would use the Fund in whatever manner it feels is appropriate, subject to a basic premise that it will be used to benefit the local community.

RATCH-Australia will be seeking nominees from across the community to form the Trust Committee as soon as approval for each project is received.

The Fund would provide a proportion of the outcome of each turbine per year adjusted annually for CPI to the local community and would begin once the wind farm commences operation.

The Community Trust would be responsible for determining suitable uses for the funds, but these could include projects such as:

  • Sponsorship of local sporting or social clubs;
  • Sponsorship of local festivals or fetes;
  • Grants for sporting, musical or educational equipment for locals schools and colleges;
  • Grants for equipment for local emergency services organisations;
  • Funding for scholarships for local children to attend school, college or university;
  • Grants to support local apprenticeships or traineeships;
  • Provision of community education such as first aid courses, sustainable farming techniques or other appropriate subjects; and
  • Grants for appropriate community projects.

In NSW, wind farms have sponsored events and local festivals and one has even purchased a fire truck for the local community in which it operates.

Can you think of a local project or initiative that could benefit from this guaranteed annual funding opportunity?

Please contact us to let us know.